TECHNICOLOR has come to a screen near you. Joined by a love for a time when the screen was silver, overdrive was edgy and a need to write the big sads away amongst the apocalypse. 

Adam Winding Felix (Lead Guitar) put out an ad out online for similar heads and found the almost, but not quite, pancontinental duo of America’s finest and most-least Seattle silicon, Colin Thunderstrike (Vocals) and the once Queen of England’s own self-proclaimed love child, Jack-Rufus Kelly (Bass Guitar).  

TECHNICOLOR can sound like a call-back to the classic rock of the 60’s and 70’s with a post-90’s sentimentality. Just as easily brushing through a Led Zeppelin guitar hook as a Radiohead soundscape, but there will basically always be guitars, probably.  

TECHNICOLOR have just recorded their debut single in central Copenhagen and will be taking their visually unique act to the stage to support it throughout the winter months of 2022.